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Too Mean To Die! An SLG Anthology

SLG has released an anthology with a slew of fantastic SLG artists, including my best friends, Stephen Coughlin, Karl Christian Krumpholz, Aaron Alexovich, Justin Sane, Jef Bambas, and more!

Bestselling author and my best friend, Michael Shermer, said that my character, Dr. DeBunko, is “The coolest, hippest thing to hit skepticism since Lisa Simpson began reading /Junior Skeptic magazine (when Homer had his alien abduction experience).” In this anthology, my contribution is a four-page Dr. DeBunko story. It’s his first appearance since 2006! You can pick up the anthology at AMAZON or direct from the publisher (SLG COMICS).

86 pages/B&W and color/digest-sized 5.5"x8.5"/Mature readers
ISBN-10: 1593622570
ISBN-13: 978-1593622572


Collecting eleven of the master of debunkery's adventures, including his rare mini-comics. Hailed by Michael Shermer, Ph.D. (director of the Skeptics Society) as "the coolest, hippest thing to hit skepticism…" "A perfect examples of deadpan humor." – "I find myself laughing… every time.”– " …Some of my favorite stuff." –

32 pages/B&W/Comic book-sized/Mature readers

Dr. DeBunko Short Stories




Extra-special, extra-rare, and so precious! Available only at conventions... UNTIL NOW! Each contains a full and complete Dr. DeBunko mini-story!

Dr. DeBunko in...When Human Flesh Bursts into Flames --16 pages/B&W/4 1/4"x 5 1/2"/Mature readers/$2.00 plus ONE BUCK SHIPPING!

Dr. DeBunko in...The Devil is My Lover...and Father of my Satanic Love Children --24 pages/B&W/4 1/4"x 5 1/2"/Mature readers/$2.00 plus ONE BUCK SHIPPING!

Dr. DeBunko in...Who Killed My Cow...and Stole Her Eyeballs, Tongue, and Sex Organs --16 pages/B&W/4 1/4"x 5 1/2"/Mature readers/$2.00 plus ONE BUCK SHIPPING!

Dr. Debunko Mini-Comics (Be sure to select EACH issue seperately!)

Issue Name




Tabloia #572 (Momentous First Issue!) Featuring the first appearance of Dr. DeBunko! Also Featuring The Lump Part One! Also presenting the first appearances of Dick Hammer: Conservative Republican Private Investigator and Doris Danger, as she Seeks...Where Giant Monsters Creep and Stomp (Inked by Dick Ayers!) Also featuring pin-ups by Mike Allred, Thomas Yeates, and Gene Colan!

Tabloia #573 (Stupendous Second Issue!) with controversial Private Investigator Lance DeLaney's First Appearance! Another Dick Ayers-inked Doris Danger adventure! More Dick Hammer and Dr. DeBunko! And pin-ups by Sam Kieth, Irwin Hasen, and Bill Sienkiewicz!

Tabloia #574 (Astounding Third Issue!) More of the same features you've grown to love! Another Dick Ayers-inked Doris Danger adventure! And pin-ups by Gilbert Hernandez, Mario Hernandez, and Jaime Hernandez!

Tabloia #575 (Shocking Fourth Issue!) First mention of the mysterious Spider-Twins! First appearance of cult favorite Moe Beckett! And the best Dick Ayers-inked Doris Danger adventure to date! Pin-ups by Ryan Sook, Steve Rude, and John Severin!

Tabloia #576 (Extra-Special Fifth and Final Issue!) Giant-Sized Finale, featuring the (most likely) not-so-shocking ending! Also featuring Dick Hammer, Dr. DeBunko, a Doris Danger adventure inked by Dick Ayers, and pin-ups by Mike Mignola, Ramona Fradon, and Tony Millionaire!


Books are 32 pages/B&W/Comic book-sized/mature readers for $4 plus ONE BUCK SHIPPING, except the final issue, which is a giant-sized 48 pages for $6 plus ONE BUCK SHIPPING!

Tabloia! (Be sure to select EACH issue you would like!)

Issue Number

Tabloia Giant-Sized Final Issue (#576)

Sorry, fans, but we're sold out of all the issues before and up through Tabloia #571! Please feel free to write in if you have any questions about these rare back-issues, or anything else!




By popular demand! FREE SHIPPING! Men's shirts, durable 6.1-ounce heavyweight 100% cotton. Women's "Hanes Her Way" shirts, 5.6-ounce jerseys. All shirts are white, $18 each, free shipping.

NOTE, FANS! Dr. DeBUNKO shirts are LIMITED IN QUANTITY! Please write to roder "at", to request if your size is still availabile!



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Tabloia Weekly Magazine: The comic you can count on to create controversy; exploit your fears, anxieties and desires; bolster false claims; take even the tiniest fragments of "truths" and further falsely accuse, sensationalize, propagandize. insinuate and misquote! Every issue is guaranteed to satisfy your pseudo-intellectual needs!