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Aesthetic Inquiries Directed to the Author and Artist

Chris Wisnia ("CWISNIA" at "TABLOIA.COM")

Editorial Matters

Rob Oder ("RODER" at "TABLOIA.COM")

Questions about or sitings of Giant Monsters

Doris Danger ("DDANGER" at "TABLOIA.COM")

Questions about Ferrets

The good people of Modern Ferret Magazine

Questions about Personal Hygiene

Dr. "Cleanie" Santini ("CSANTINI" at "TABLOIA.COM")

Conservative Republican inquiries regarding a private investigator sensitive to your political needs and values

Dick Hammer ("DHAMMER" at "TABLOIA.COM")

Questions or inquiries into the supernatural, and alleged sitings or experiences regarding forces that science cannot explain


For further investigation, Dr. DeBunko recommends the Skeptics Society

Questions about the Sexual Characteristics of Non-human Species

Professor Pardi ("PPARDI" at "TABLOIA.COM")